Marriage Officer...

Ben Erasmus is with a national association of related professionals in private practice.

Services can be conducted in either English or Afrikaans and can include:



large, small and intimate private weddings;

non- denominational services;

traditional and personal weddings;

premarital, marriage and relationship counseling.

Contact me now for more details.

What we need from you...

Please complete the booking forms and send it back to me as soon as possible.

When you have decided to make use of our services, please send the booking form back to us. Also provide us with a faxed confirmation that the deposit has been paid.

NB - Payment must be made before the wedding please.

I will contact you to make an appointment as soon as possible to discuss the ceremony and make sure that all the documentation is in place.


1. A Form Bl 32A is needed if any party is under the age of 21.
2. If the Bride is younger than 15 and the Bridegroom is younger than 18, permission to the marriage is needed from The Commissioner of Child Welfare.
3. A Form Bl 31 is needed if any party does not have an SA ID Document
4. If any party is divorced, a photo copy of the final decree of divorce is needed
5. If any party is a widower or widow, a copy of the death certificate is needed.
6. If any party is not a South African Citizen, 3 certified copies of your Passport are needed together with a Form Bl 31.

I will need all documentation and full payment BEFORE the date of your wedding:

1. Clear Copies of your ID Documents.

2. Mentioned documents if applicable.

3. The costs involved:

a. Pulpit /Ceremony Fee: R1000.00 (R500.00 deposit to confirm booking)
b. Balance when we meet to discuss the wedding ceremony.
c. Travelling Fee from Pretoria Gardens will be R500-00 tollgates included & R3.00 per kilometer outside of Gauteng. This covers the cost to and from the venue.
d. Legalities: Marriage certificate and registration of marriage: No Charge  


PROCARE is a national association of social workers and related professionals in private practice.

Our team offers a dynamic, diverse and holistic approach to psycho-social issues.

We render a wide range of counseling services, training and life skill programs.

Procare Services...

We offer professional assistance to families couples, individuals and children:

Pre-marital and marital counseling, relationship counseling, conflict and communication

Child birth
Post natal depression, parental guidance, adapting to household change

Traumatic events
Rape, robbery, hi-jacking, domestic violence, etc.

Relocation and adjustment problems


Preparation for retirement


Career change

Pre- and post-divorce counseling, preparing children for divorce, custody mediation

Spiritual & emotional problems
Counseling before and after the diagnosis of psychiatric and/or medical illness. HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.

Death & Bereavement
Preparation, support and counseling (Conducting of funeral service can be arranged)

Individual counseling
E.g. Emotional issues, mood swings, anger management, stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, sexuality issues, poor self esteem

Family counseling
E.g. Parental guidance, pre-divorce and divorce counseling, reconstructed families, dealing with partners and children from a previous marriage/relationship, custody mediation

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